A Side Dish – Asparagus with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

So Michael used the last of the eggs on Monday morning, so of course a trip to the grocery store was necessary. In case you are wondering, we go through about 3 dozen eggs a week! Well, anyways, this meant I needed a fast dinner to cook when I got home, and so I made the Sun-Dried Tomato chicken again! Michael said that was fine since he loved it so much. I picked up some asparagus at Whole Foods while I was shopping for our side dish. I had seen a recipe online that was similar to this, I don’t know exactly what it was since I can’t remember where I found it, so just put together what I could remember.


Pound or so of asparagus, I used 2 bundles

1 carton cherry tomatoes, cut in half

Balsamic Vinegar (make sure sugar content is low, ours is only 2 grams)

salt and pepper

Olive oil

Coconut oil or butter

1 tsp. crushed garlic


I have this little steamer dish that I used, but you could just put trimmed asparagus on a plate with a little water as well.

Coat asparagus lightly with olive oil and add a little salt and pepper

Microwave for about 5 minutes or until desired tenderness

While those are cooking, in a skillet melt coconut oil or butter

Add crushed garlic and sautee a minute, then add tomatoes to skillet

Once those have started to cook down, add a few generous splashes of balsamic to the pan

Sautee and it will begin to thicken up, you can add a little salt and pepper here if desired, I actually don’t think I did though

Add a little more balsamic if desired

Pull asparagus out of microwave and spread out on plate

Pour tomato mixture and sauce over asparagus, and then sprinkle over goat cheese

And here it is served along side our delicious chicken!

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  1. Lisa
    May 23, 2011 @ 22:30:00

    This was a great side dish, it got my hubby to eat tomatoes and he NEVER eats them, ever. This time, he was plucking them out of the leftovers to finish them off. Thanks for the recipe!


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