Low Carb Meatloaf! Plus bonus on Italy eating

I tried  to use bacon as the topper for this, but I accidentally burned it under the broiler and had to throw away, so I ended up using a little ketchup on top instead, I needed something to make it look pretty!  This was the first meatloaf I have ever made, and while I learned a few lessons, it turned out delicious and was very easy, so not sure why I waited so long!

Go check out the recipe at Everyday Paleo, Sarah is a genius!

You could optionall add 3 strips of bacon for top


Preheat oven to 350

I must plug here this fabulous immersion blender, chopper thing I got for the wedding, it is awesome for chopping onions! It also has a whisk attachment too, it is very cool and so easy to use.

So first things first, chop your onion

Then add that to a bowl, along with all of the other ingredients and mix with your hands! Kind of messy, but worth it! Then form into a loaf in a loaf pan, or like Sarah, you can just form in a regular baking pan if you don’t have a loaf pan. Now a little lesson here I learned, make sure it is packed very tightly so it holds together well. Mine was a little too loosely packed I think.

Now if you want to try the bacon, just put a few slices over it at this point, highly recommend as it makes it extra juicy

Now put into the oven for about an hour – mine took more like an hour and 15 minutes I think. The best way to do this is to temp it to about 160 degrees. Get a digital thermometer if you don’t have one! It made it very easy.

Now at about 45 minutes I went ahead and put mine under the broiler to make the bacon crispy. Then I left it too long, and the bacon burned. Ug.

But then I realized it wasn’t cooked enough anyways, so drizzled on my ketchup and put it back in the oven. At this point started using the thermometer to know when it was done.

Here is the finished product!

Let it rest 10 minutes or so and then serve! I served mine along with balsamic green beans – just frozen green beans heated up in the microwave with olive oil, salt, pepper, and  a little balsamic vinegar.

Now, you can stop there if you want, or here is a little info on how we ate while on our honeymoon in Italy!

Well, I gained 5 pounds, so obviously I indulged! But I don’t feel bad about it, #1 because it was our honeymoon! and #2 because I know it will come right back off. Honestly by the end of the trip Michael and I were so ready to get home and start eating our normal diet again, mostly because we would feel pretty bloated and a little sick to our stomach whenever we would eat a carb heavy or meal with a lot of gluten. We had a few days that we went almost entirely carb free, just to give our stomach’s a rest!

We decided after this trip that future big trips we will probably try to only indulge, and in small amounts, every other day. It really made us realize how much more energy we have, and how much better we feel doing our low carb or Primal lifestyle.

Funny enough, I actually think going low carb in Italy would be really easy.

We were pretty good at breakfast, we had bacon and eggs, or sausage and eggs every morning, although I admit I had a weakness for these rolls they had and the fresh squeezed OJ! Michael was a bit better than I in the morning : )

We started a lot of meals with a Caprese salad – delicious every time.

Then we would usually share a pasta or risotto of some kind – here is one of the delicious lobster risottos we had. The portions were generally much smaller than you would get in America though so that was good!

Now here is where Italians are very smart and why going low carb there would be easy – their main dishes are generally all meat – delicious fish, beef, or lamb. And they don’t come with sides usually, so you don’t end up with a bunch of potatoes or something on top of the pasta you have eaten! Here is one of Michael’s delicious dinners – that is a mushroom on top.

So next time we go to Italy I think I would forgo the bread and juice in the morning and stick to bacon and eggs. I think then we would go low carb at lunch, and every other day treat ourselves to a pasta at dinner to share, or a pizza sometime during the day. I think we would feel our best that way, while also enjoying the Italian treats! And probably avoid gaining 5 pounds : ) But no regrets, the trip, and all of the food we had was amazing!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 00:25:24

    I am so glad you are back, I’ve been lost without some new recipes. 🙂 As soon as I figure out what almond meal is, I’m going to make this meatloaf. Every recipe I see has bread crumbs in it.

    Interesting plan for eating in Italy. I like that their main dishes are meat and not all carbs and sides. Who would have thought? 5lbs is barely anything, that weight will be gone in no time!


    • amyreh
      Jul 07, 2011 @ 16:37:21

      ha ha, thanks Lisa! Almond meal or also called Almond Flour is just ground almonds – that’s it! Check out Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to find.


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