Great side dish – Zucchini Pizzas!

So I got the idea for these off a picture on Pinterest, and didn’t use a recipe, so I will have to give you a few guesses to make them turn out even yummier.

I found a big, round zucchini from a farm stand at Pike Place Market last weekend and picked one up just to make these.


1 round zucchini (instead of long and skinny)

Low sugar pizza sauce

Mozzerella cheese (I used some fresh slices, but you could shred as well)

Toppings – I used some proscuitto I had on hand that i chopped up

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


So what I did was simply slice up zucchini into thick slies, about 1/4 inch think. Mine made 4 slices, 2 for each person

Then I rubbed a little olive oil on each side and placed on a foiled baking sheet. I sprinkled with a little salt and pepper before adding a spoonful of pizza sauce to each, then topping with a slice of mozzerella and my proscuitto.

I then put into the oven with my main dish – the Super Easy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken that was cooking on 375 for the last 10-15 minutes. I checked it a few times with a fork until it was the desired tenderness and since some people like their zucchini firmer than others, I would do that as well. My ingredients did get a little melty though, so probably what I would do next time is just stick the zucchini in on its own for about 5-7 minutes, then add topping and put back in for another 5-7.

If you give it a try, let me know what works best for you!



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