Chicken Parmesan with Bacon Zucchini – along with review of!

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Now onto the recipe! I can’t believe I haven’t made this before, sooo good and very easy. I only used 2 large chicken breasts but this was very filling and between the chicken and 4 zucchinis, this made 3 servings so I got to have the 3rd for dinner again – lucky me : )


Chicken Parmesan

2 organic chicken breasts

Half a jar organic marinara sauce – I like Trader Joe’s

2 Eggs

11/2 cups of almond flour

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp basil

Salt and pepper

1 Tbsp or so of unrefined coconut oil

Parmesan Cheese

Bacon Zucchini

4 zucchinis

3 strips of bacon

Garlic salt, salt and pepper


Pre heat oven to 375 degrees

Foil a baking pan and coat bottom with thin layer of marinara sauce

Get coconut oil heating up over medium high in a large skillet

Cut chicken into large strips – tenderloin size and salt and pepper them

In a bowl whisk 2 eggs

In another bowl mix together almond floud along with basil, oregano and garlic salt

Once coconut oil is hot, take chicken pieces, coat in egg wash, then coat well in almond flour mixture and place in skillet

Let brown a few minutes on one side, until golden, then flip to other side


Once that side is golden, place chicken into baking dish

Then top chicken with more marinara sauce, a generous amount, I used about half a jar between top and bottom of dish

Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top

Now stick in oven for about 20 minutes or so, until chicken is done

While that is baking, make your zucchini

In a skillet (I just quickly wash out the one I used for chicken) get your bacon frying (I’m actually thinking next time I will try this with proscuitto instead!)

While that is cooking get your zucchini washed and sliced

Once bacon is done, move to paper towel, turn stove heat to medium, then throw zucchini into skillet

Sprinkle over the top with a little salt, pepper, and garlic salt

Sautee for a bit, then chop bacon and add back to skillet

Cook until desired tenderness

Pull your chicken out of oven once done, let it rest for about 5 minutes

And then serve along with Zucchini – enjoy!  (not a great picture, I need to find a spot without so many shadows!)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tinkerbelle86
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 11:28:17

    Yum! This looks delicious!


  2. Rebekah
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 23:18:06

    This looks fantastic. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I’m looking for more Paleo friendly dishes that are a step above stews, but are heartier than the salads we eat over and over and over again. This is going on my weekly menu.


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